"A Family is Like a Circle"

A family is like a circle.

The connection never ends,

and even if at times it breaks,

in time it always mends.


A family is like the stars.

Somehow they're always there.

Families are those who help,

who support and always care.


A family is like a book.

The ending's never clear,

but through the pages of the book,

their love is always near.


A family is many things.

With endless words that show

who they are and what they do

and how they teach you so you know.


But don't be weary if it's broken

or if through time it's been so worn.

Families are like that -

they're split up and always torn.


But even if this happens,

your family will always be.

They help define just who you are

and will be a part of you eternally.