A Prayer for Family

Heavenly Father, Please shine your light upon my family. Give us strength to overcome all of the difficulties that we are dealing with now and protect us against any and all problems we may encounter in the future. O Lord, please bring us together as we are meant to be. May the love that binds us only grow stronger as we fulfill the destiny you have laid out for us. Grant my family forgiveness for any sins we have committed. May we also forgive one another Lord, as it is sometimes difficult to do. Bless us Lord, In your name I pray,

Family Reunion
  A FAMILY  reunion is...A really worth while thing...So many are the benefits..And joys that it can bring...It does not have to be the kind...That is a small convention...Of relatives from everywhere...Too numerous to mention...But just a loving sister or...A brother now and then...A cousin, niece or nephew or...Grandparent once again...Each meeting with a member of...The family brings pleasure...And by the length of absence, in...An ever greater measure...As we grow older and apart...It is so good to see...Someone who is a relative...However distantly.       -JAMES J. METCALFE
Submitted by Joy Tunstall
Heavely Father, we come to you to Thank You for seeing us safely through the night, and for allowing us to behold another Beautiful and Blessed Day.  Thank You for every breath we take and for every step we make that leads us closer to You.  Thank You for a roof over our heads, and for our daily bread.  For this we give you Praise!  HALLELUJAH!!  We pray for Traveling Mercies, Grace & Favor, Miraculous Healings, and Financial Blessings to provide for our families.  Thank You for continuing to keep us covered under the Blood of Jesus.  In His name we pray.  Amen