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Martin Zachary, Jr.

November 1st, 1953 - February 3rd, 2004

My Husband / My Best Friend

Not often we have the opportunity to meet and marry our soul mate.  One that live on with fun memories in your heart.  That was my love Zack.  Some called him Boo, Uncle, Daddy Zack, Cool or whatever.  

He believed strongly in family and made every attempt to have family gatherings whenever possible.  There would be times that I may have a certain look on my face and he would say, "time to see your sister".    We would gather the kids and off to Mobile we would go.  When he was too sick to drive our first airplane trip was to Detroit.  He knew that it was something about those Sisters.

So I say Shout Out to the Best Grilling Man on this side of heaven.  Those that knew him, knew when it came to Grilling, Boiling or Cooking few if any where better.

Oh yeah, you were  Stylish and a Trend Setter.  Had folks in the neighborhood thinking you were the Police with that Cell Phone in that Blue Lincoln with the Bump Bump.  The portable cellphone with the case and antena that you can carry with your hand or strap on your shoulder (looking like a doctor bag).  I remember Pastor Litt saying, that was the sharpest body that have came through here.  So smile, you were still dressed to the end. 

I don't cry anymore, but now live off the memories of our Good Times Traveling, Partying and Caring for Family.  Your Heart and Love will always be with Me, the Kids and Family.

Love You,
Forever Your Wife Marion

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